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We all love the Olympics but let's face it, none of us are ever likely to be that good in elite Sports. So let's have a set of games we can all participate in! Introducing....the Fast Food Olympics!


That's right, three special event games in July and winners will take home medals for the most food won! Win the most Hamburger games...take home the Gold Medal prize of £250. Win the most Hotdog games and you've earned the Silver Medal prize of £150. Win the most Fries/Chips games and you get the Bronze Medal and a cool £100.


Play our fast food-themed bingo games in Money Tree from July 3-27 for your chance to win a medal made of cash!  


Games will play 10 times between noon and midnight and each pattern will play 3 or 4 times per day. Each game win earns you 10 points regardless of pattern. Our leaderboard will reveal who has the most points overall.... NOT which game patterns they have collected! 


You can choose to focus on one pattern only or go for broke and participate in all 3 gastronomic events!


Remember the Olympic food motto - Chew, Swallow, Repeat - and be all three!


Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion period runs 00:00 GMT July 3 to  23:59 GMT July 27 2018.
  • Games will be 1-part 75-ball Hamburger, Hotdog or Fries pattern. Tickets will cost £.40p cash
  • Players will be awarded 10 points for each game win. In tie games each winner receives 10 points.
  • The top points earner in each of the 3 sport categories will win as follows:  £250 for Hamburger; £150 for Hotdog & £100 for Fries. Players may win in only one category. Players earning top points in multiple categories will receive the largest prize available. Next highest points earner (s) will receive the lesser prize. In the event players tie with most number of points in any category, they will share that prize and only that prize equally.
  • Players must deposit & wager a minimum of £10. each week or partial week to qualify for final prizes and may not have a pending or processed withdrawal during the promotion July 3-27 or until after prizes have been distributed.
  • The single leaderboard will indicate overall points won only, not broken down by fast food. Please note leaderboard only tracks points won; it does NOT indicate whether or not you have qualified for the promotion! You must meet eligibility requirements as set out above. Your name on the leaderboard is NOT an indication that you have qualified to win.
  • Winners will be paid within 48 hours of the final leaderboard tally.